BOTOX Injections in Portland, ME

BOTOX® is the leading non-surgical treatment for facial rejuvenation, able to provide positive results. FDA-approved since 2002, botulinum toxin type A is the active ingredient. This neurotoxin stops the transmission of signals between nerves and muscles. Therefore, muscles do not contract as strongly. In other words, wrinkles are gone! We have some of the most experienced injectors in Maine who use proven BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments to effectively treat the fine lines and wrinkles of both men and women

What Does BOTOX Do?

BOTOX injections primarily function to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles; however, BOTOX can also be used to treat other conditions. Some of these conditions include excessive sweating, neck spasms, lazy eyes, and an overactive bladder. BOTOX may also help to prevent chronic migraines. 

Is BOTOX Safe?

BOTOX injections are relatively safe; however, you should put care into choosing the right doctor for your procedure. Some possible side effects may include pain, swelling, or bruising at the injection site or flu-like symptoms. Although unlikely, please call your doctor if you begin to experience any other side effects like muscle weakness, vision problems, or breathing problems.

How Long Does BOTOX Last?

Since BOTOX can be used to treat multiple different issues, its length can depend on what you’re using it for. The general timeframe for BOTOX lasts anywhere from 3-4 months. You’ll need follow-up injections to continue the effects of BOTOX after it begins to wear off. You may also find that the results last longer after your second injection.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from BOTOX?

You can expect to see the full results of BOTOX after anywhere from 1-3 weeks. You may experience swelling, redness, or bruising within the first couple of days after getting BOTOX. These side effects are typical and will subside naturally. However, it’s important to note that it’s imperative to refrain from touching or rubbing the areas that received BOTOX injections, as you may spread the injection to a different part of your body.