We don’t think it too early to start planning ahead for future summer travel. Traveling with corrective lenses like eyeglasses or contacts can be a real pain! You always have to pack an extra pair, just in case something happens to your current pair, and you are always concerned about losing them—after all, your travel plans would be ruined if you couldn’t see anything clearly. So why not ditch the lenses and experience the freedom of living with clear vision with LASIK?

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Prepare For Summer Travel With LASIK:

1. Travel In Comfort: Airplane cabins are notoriously dry because of the forced air and cabin pressurization, this creates issues for those who use contact lenses because their eyes get dry and irritated and contacts only make that worse. Also, leaning back in those airplane chairs can put pressure on your ears and when you have glasses on, this can be rather uncomfortable. Undergoing laser vision correction would allow for you to travel comfortably without the hassle of corrective lenses.

2. Travel In Style: While there is such a thing as prescription sun glasses, it limits your options quite a bit! If you undergo LASIK surgery, then you will be able to pick up any pair of shares you want. Who doesn’t enjoy having their sunglasses complimented?

3. Travel To Watery Destinations Without Concern: As I’m sure you know, swimming with contacts is a real “no no.” Doing this puts your eyes at risk of dangerous eye infections that could lead to serious complications. This makes planning a dream vacation with scuba diving at exotic locations like the coral reef very difficult. Glasses aren’t much better either, as finding the right pair of swim goggles to comfortably house your eyeglasses is a real challenge.